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Orson Welles was born 100 years ago in Kenosha (Wisconsin). He was born on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the lakes that form the Great Lakes located between Canada and the USA. These lakes are connected with the Atlantic Ocean by the Gulf of St. Lawrence. A part of the world where the Basques have shared great stories.

It is certain that Welles never knew of those stories. He didn´t know them when, as a 40 year-old, he gave Basques a priceless gift: two documentaries for the BBC entitled “The Land of the Basques”. They were made in Iparralde (the French Basque Country), because at the time (and for many years to follow) the south of the Country of the Basques was under General Franco’s heel. He spoke to the world about a country of people divided by the borders imposed by others. He spoke of a European indigenous people that over thousands of years had preserved their culture, language and traditions. He spoke fondly of the Basque, and with a degree of admiration.

Here is the link to the articles that we have been collecting about this extraordinary audiovisual creator, including a picture of his childhood with his dog Caesar. He always retained those childish eyes, full of life and brightness and, at the same time, some sadness. With those eyes he looked to the Basques 60 years ago, in a very special moment of their history.

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