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This fact amazed us. Although this website (About Basque Country) is, until now, only written in Spanish, during the first four months of 2015 the majority of visits and sessions from the Americas corresponded to the USA; surpassing even Argentina; which reinforces the trend set throughout 2014.

According to the data from Analytics: 4,847 sessions, corresponding to 3,836 unique users.

Within the US, the states recording the most visits during these four months have been

StateSessions Unique Visitors
 California 1.227 1.008
 New York 710549
 Florida 445 330
 Maryland255 251
 Texas 235 170
 Idaho165 97
Virginia155 122

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Another interesting fact is that, in these first 4 months of 2015, we received visits from all states except two: the Dakotas.

We can hardly wait to see how the tendency of international visitors and, in particular, those from USA, evolves once our website is made available in English version.

For now, considering that the website is in Spanish, we can´t complain at all 🙂