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We are sure that this will be all over the news in the coming days. It is a story regarding one of the most prestigious global rankings regarding restoration. On Monday, Steve Plotnicki, creator of the OAD guide (Opinionated About Dining; one of the world’s most prestigious qualification rankings for restaurants) announced the 2015 list featuring the 200 best rated restaurants of the continent.

Basque restaurants, gastronomy and cooks have, once again proven their quality and prestige (and, in this field, continuity is highly valued). The numbers are clear:

  • Two Basque restaurants within the top 10
  • Five Basque restaurants within the top 50
  • Seven Basque restaurants within the top 100
  • Nine Basque restaurants within the top 200 of the list

Which, let’s admit it, is pretty impressive.  The Basque restaurants that appear in the ranking classify as follows:

  •     1 Azurmendi
  •   10 Etxebarri
  •   33 Arzak
  •   42 Elkano
  •   46 Mugaritz
  •   54 Berasategui
  •   79 Ibai
  • 110 Le Chateaubriand
  • 166 Kai Kaipe

An interesting fact: two of the nine restaurants of the list are in Getaria (Elkano and Kai Kaipe)

Our congratulations to all of them.

Please find below more information about this story, as published by El Universal newspaper of Mexico and the OAD guide’s website, where you can find all the ranked restaurants.

El Universal – 475/2015 – México

El restaurante vasco Azurmendi es el mejor de Europa

El restaurante vasco Azurmendi, de Eneko Atxa, es el mejor restaurante de Europa de 2015, según anunció hoy Steve Plotnicki, creador de la guía OAD (Opinionated About Dining), uno de los índices de calificación de restaurantes más prestigioso del mundo.

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Guia OAD – 475/2015 – 

Top 100+ European Restaurants 2015

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