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The Guardian suprises us yet again.  On this occasion, it’s a wonderful video about the Basques.  This British daily is part of that group of periodicals that we consider “friends of the Basques”, and not just because they speak well of us, but for the simple fact that they speak about us with their own judgment, without following the lines that the “unionist” media, nor the Exterior and Interior Ministries, of France and Spain mark.

The video we’re discussing today was published in the British paper in June of 2010, but we just found it now because it was recently uploaded to YouTube, so we’re hurrying to make our readers aware of it.

The video is interesting right from the title, especially considering that for the inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland, this mystery of the Basques is also part of their origins.

In this video, we can find beautiful images that try to capture the spirit of the Basque Country and the bertsos of Ion Maia.  All of what we’ve seen tells us the creators of the report enjoyed their time with us and liked what they saw, which we’re very happy about.

The reference to their appearance in the paper:

The Guardian – 24/6/2010 – Reino Unido

The mystery of the Basques

A still from the Guardian documentary “The Mystery of the Basques”
A still from the Guardian documentary “The Mystery of the Basques”

The ancient Basque culture has survived against the odds. We tour the region to see what’s being done to preserve its unique identity

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The video in youtube


The Guardian – 21/2/2011 – Reino Unido

The mystery of the Basques

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