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The Guardian: Vitoria-Gasteiz is a world leader in urban green policies

The Guardian: Vitoria-Gasteiz líder mundial en política verde urbana
The Guardian has written about a plan started decades ago that has made Vitoria-Gasteiz a world leader in urban green policies

Bizkaia Talent visits Scotland and the press get defensive

Bizkaia Talent en Escocia
A Bizkaia Talent event has caused a curious reaction: some local media in Scotland didn't like it much

Ten years and two months since the passing of Pete Cenarrusa,...

We remember and pay tribute to Pete Cenarrusa, the Basque who became the Secretary of State of Idaho and who fought tirelessly for the Basque Country

28 Bugattis hit the highway through six of the seven Basque...

Ediicion 2023 European Grand Tour de Bugatti en Bilbao
The 28 cars starting off the 2023 Bugatti Grand Tour Europe made their "grand départ" from Bayonne and took a four-day drive through the Basque Country, ending up in Bilbao

A tour of Basque cuisine in Bakersfield, California

Wool Grower Restaurant (Bakersfield, CA)
The Yelp website has published an article about the restaurants that best represent Basque cuisine in Bakersfield, California

From India: San Sebastian to promote sustainable tourism

Vista panorámica de  San Sebastian - Donostia. GETTY
San Sebastian is trying to strike a balance between being a city that welcomes tourists without losing its essence and its quality of life for its residents

Agreement between the port authorities in Bilbao and Uruguay: strengthening history

Firma entre la autoridad portuaria de Bilbao y de Urugay
Agreement between the port authorities in Bilbao and Uruguay: strengthening the historical influence of the Basque port in Latin America

San Sebastián: the best city in the world for dining

Readers' Choice Awards 2023
Conde Nast Traveler readers keep bringing us new joys: they've now chosen San Sebastian as the best city for food in the world

Víctor Hugo’s on-the-mark thoughts on the Basques

Víctor Hugo, the man of letters, intellectual, and statesman) was an extraordinary man who lived in an extraordinary time.  While firmly consistent in his...