Hanhemen is a global digital platform aimed at Basques all over the world, whose aim is to connect, exchange information, resources, and share experiences, wherever we are.  It seeks to give a voice to and listen to how the Basque around the world are living their lives, to learn and experiences what being a Basque and world citizen is like, observing and living world events from a Basque perspective, regardless of where we Basques “are.”

This platform seeks to become the new digital space for the Global Basque Community, and is trying, in real time, to build a new digital model that will rebuild the Basque identity be reducing the distance between “here” and “there”, regardless of where one is looking from while observing the global Basque phenomenon.

For us, and for our point of view, this project is essential for the future existence of the global Basque community.  While respecting each group’s individual characteristics and interests, this project is setting up a worldwide, operative, and practical interconnected network that can help all these Basque communities, at home and abroad, to connect, to mutually reinforce one another with experiences and knowledge, and to become stronger.

The HanHemen, Basque Global Network initiative has been set up to listen to the Basque diaspora, and thank to the successful response it’s been getting, they’ve decided to extend the deadline to answer the questionnaire through to March 31.

Those who wish to be a part of this community can get in touch with the HanHemen team to get a copy of the questionnaire and thus take part in the process of getting the Basque diaspora online.

The Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad is working to revitalize the Basque Global Network, just like HanHemen, to connect all Basque citizens in the world, here and there, with each other.  That’s why this questionnaire was set up and sent to thousands of people.  Given the results, the response from interest groups, and the interest shown by the same, the deadline to hand in the questionnaire has been extended to March 31.  And it’s quite simple to do: just get in touch with the HanHemen group, get the questionnaire, and freely and safely express your interests, concerns, and proposals.

All those who fill out the questionnaire will be entered into a drawing for ten HanHemen product kits.

It should also be noted that the responses will be used exclusively by the Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad (which is promoting the project) to help it design HanHemen, and they will be analyzed and shared with the Scientific Directorate and the academic institutions which are handling the research.  Moreover, the responses received will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will be subject to the General Regime for the Protection of Data as regards the anonymization of data.

Those actively working with the Basque Diaspora who respond to this brief questionnaire will be directly invited to attend a hybrid virtual and in-person event where the results will be announced.  This will be a very special opportunity to get to meet the community, to listen clearly to people like you, and to stay actively connected to the Basque diaspora.  Meanwhile, we encourage you ton continue following their social network accounts (TwitterFacebookInstagram) and to share this global digital network with the people closest to you, be they here or there.

Last Updated on Mar 20, 2022 by About Basque Country

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