The Welsh news site “Nation” has just published a thorough article by Christopher Evans, using the 2006 match between the Basque and Welsh national sides (when the Welsh won 1-0) as an excuse to write a deep, detailed analysis covering topics that go far beyond the match itself, including many other matters, such as the political situation, or the Basques’ desire to have their won officially recognized national team that could officially face off against the Welsh.  It also covers many of the shared interests, desires, and characteristics that bind us.

The truth is, especially since we’re not particularly interested in soccer, that this is a gripping article.

It’s also true that anything that has to do with Wales, especially the connections between it and the Basque Country, always catch our eye.  We’ve covered many articles over the years.

By the way, in an official or just friendly game, we’re owed a rematch! – 19/12/2021 – Wales

A special relationship – when Wales played the Basque Country

Fiercely proud and strong national identities, unique cultures, similar-size populations, rugged geography and depressingly wet climates. There is a special relationship between Wales and the Basque Country.

This kinship can be attributed to a variety of factors. Pioneers of the industrial revolution in Europe, both have vehemently defended their cultures and repressed ancient languages (Cymraeg and Euskera, respectively). Overshadowed by their larger and more powerful neighbours, they take pride in their heritage, are egalitarian and partisan, but with a welcoming and internationalist outlook.

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