Iñaki Navarrete Arechavaleta
Iñaki Navarrete Arechavaleta

Iñaki Navarrete Arechavaleta is a young, 27-year-old attorney who specializes in Civil and Common Law.  He was born in Canada, but as is evident, he is of Basque descent, something he is very aware of.  His surname may ring a bell for pelota fans, as he is the great-nephew of the legendary Julio Aretxabaleta Mendiguren “Txikito de Lekeitio”.

We’re mentioning him today on the blog because, despite his youth, he has started down a career path which can only be described as “brilliant”.

In September 2019, he was awarded one of the few, highly prized clerkships to have a year as an intern at the International Court of Justice in The Hague (CIJ) representing Canada and Chile (where there is another branch of the Arechavaleta family).  After this year, he took part in an international recruitment process to fill a vacant seat, and he got it!  

It is the first time in the history of this Court that a Basque has reached such a high role.

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