We’ve said it before: there are times when it seems like coincidences line up it ways that seem to be more than coincidences.  Otherwise, how to explain that a Basque word, Haizea, meaning air, wind, showed up at almost the same time in The New York Times and in OffshoreWin, a Dutch publication specialized in wind power: a term that serves to join two areas where Basques are leaders.

On Wednesday in SoHo, Mikel de Luis, a chef from Bilbao, just opened Haizea, a small, contemporary Basque-style restaurant.  We found this out in an article by Florence Fabricant in the NYT culinary section.

De Luis, who trained with Martín Berasategui, has finally opened after a two-month delay due to the global pandemic, but for the moment, he’s only preparing take-away.

We wish him all the best.

But then that fresh breath of Basque air took us all the way from the Big Apple to Holland, by way of Zierbena, which is where Haizea Wind Group has its factory building wind towers and offshore foundations.

Today, OffshoreWin reported that the Basque company has delivered its first batch of wind turbines to the new offshore wind farm Borssele 1+2 in Zeeland.  When complete, this farm will be made up of 94 turbines made by Siemens Gamesa (Gamesa was a Basque company until it was recently bought by Siemens) generating 8 MW each.  Haizea will be responsible for building 14 towers in Zierbena.

What a pleasant Basque breeze to take the best of our country around the world.

New York Times – 19/5/2020 -USA


What does it take to open a restaurant in the midst of a pandemic? Mikel de Luis, the chef and the owner of a tiny, contemporary Basque-style spot whose opening was postponed by two months, will now test the waters, going takeout-only. “It’s been frustrating not to open,” he said, adding, “It’s time to try; people want something new.”

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OffshoreWin – 18/5/20202 – Netherlands

Haizea Wind Delivers First of Its Share of Borssele 1+2 Towers

Haizea Wind Delivers First of Its Share of Borssele 1+2 Towers
Haizea Wind Delivers First of Its Share of Borssele 1+2 Towers

Haizea Wind Group has delivered the first batch of wind turbine towers produced at its facility in Spain for the Dutch Borssele 1+2 offshore wind farm. The company dispatched the tower sections from Bilbao around 13 May. The first shipment contained three bottom sections, three middle sections and two top sections, loaded onto the Rotra Mare vessel.

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