One of the programs the Council of Europe runs is called Intercultural Cities, or ICC for short.  With this program, the Council supports local authorities in designing and implementing inclusive integration policies.  It’s based on the “intercultural integration policy model” whose goal is to allow communities, organizations, and businesses to administrate the diversity of people in a way that ensures equal value to all identities, cohesion, and it seeks to turn this into a competitive advantage.

There are three Basque cities that are part of this program: Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Getxo.

One of them, San Sebastian, appeared on the list of the exmples of “good practices” the ICC published.  They focused on the House of Peace and Human Rights there.

This project, led by the City Government of San Sebastian‘s Human Rights area, is located in the Aiete Palace, and works alongside other city departments, entities, associations, and the citizens in general to extend the culture of peace, the advancement of human rights, and peace processes here and in the rest of the world, as well as to recover historical memory.

Council of Europa – 1/2020 – Europe

Intercultural cities: good practice examples

The House of Peace and Human Rights is located in the Aiete Palace. The building was the former summer residence of the dictator General Franco, and since 2010, it hosts different local departments and entities devoted to promote education and awareness on human rights and peace processes. The symbolism of it being recovered for democratic society is therefore immense.
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Photo: Casa de la Paz y los Derechos Humanos de Aiete. Donostia. JoulSauron


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