Tomorrow, the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and one element that can’t be missing for after finishing the turkey is cider.  We’ve collected many articles about Basque cider, but two are especially relevant on this Thanksgiving Eve.

This is because both The New York Times and CBS mentioned Basque cider when talking about what to pick for dinner.  That’s two heavyweight references that leave no doubt as to how attractive this Basque product is in the US.  This can also be seen on the long list of references to Basque cider in the US that we’ve written entries about, including even “Basque-style cider houses”.

We’re thrilled for our local producers, but we do hope that their ever greater success doesn’t make cider unaffordable to local consumers.

We’ll leave you with the recommendations about serving Basque cider at Thanksgiving that we found in the New York Times in 2010 and on CBS in 2014; the latter entry also recommended Atxa vermouth.

Basque cider praised in the ‘New York Times’

CBS recommends celebrating Thanksgiving with Basque cider and vermouth (video)


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