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We were going through different topics to cover on the blog when we went back to a website that we think is just fantastic.  It’s all about a very interesting subject that we’ve been meaning to write about for a long time, the euskal artzain txakurra, or Basque shepherd dog.

We’ve already written about this breed from our country, one of the many different Basque canine breeds, as you can see in the article we’re blogging about today, brought to us by Hedatuz, the online repository created by the Euskomedia Fundazioa, containing all the magazine articles and other specialized texts published by Eusko Ikaskuntza since 1918, and by RIEV since 1907.

Today, we’d like to go a little deeper with all this info, linking to this website that we like so much which is dedicated to the Basque shepherd.  There, you can find all sorts of interesting info about these dogs and about everything that could possible interest anyone who’s thinking about adopting one.

And it’s needed, especially since it’s a breed that’s endangered, and its numbers need to grow if the breed is to have a future.  That can only happen if we work together to preserve it.

Owners, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the breed have not only this website, but also a Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all the events and news related to the Basque shepherd.  There’s further info social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

We’ll leave you with the article about the dog breeds and groups, the website dedicated to the Basque shepherd, and the articles we’ve written about the breed.

Web euskal artzain txakurra
Web euskal artzain txakurra

El perro pastor vasco, una raza muy antigua y muy inteligente (un artículo para no perderse)

The Basque shepherd dog, a very old and intelligent breed (a must-read article)


An educational description of the Basque shepherding dog, from Brazil

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