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A while back, we blogged about this race of dogs.  We’re doing so again today because of an article published on the website Dog Zone by Irish veterinarian Dr. Linda Simon.  This is important, because given what’s written in the text, we’re sure that some of our less assiduous readers might otherwise accuse us of chauvinism or feelings of superiority.

Basque shepherd puppy
Basque shepherd puppy

We don’t know much about dog breeds; all we can say is that we love them.  That’s why we found this article so interesting, especially the description of the unique features of these beautiful animals, and their history and close relationship with human Basque shepherds for thousands of years.

We also have to admit that we were also surprised by the news that there’s proof of their ancestors in excavations in the Basque Country dating back 12,000 years.  This reminds us (we just can’t hold back) of one of those articles that’s been a hit on the blog, which talks about the direct relationship between the modern-day Basque inhabitants of the Baztán region, and the remains of the peoples who lived there 15,000 years ago.

The explanations about their character, ability to test the trainer’s limits, and their feisty and energetic temperaments were also interesting.

We think this article is a must-read, as it gives a great, thorough overview of all the essential aspects of this beautiful animal.

Dog Zone – 29/1/2018 – 

Basque Shepherd Dog

Originating from the Basque country in northern Spain, the Basque Shepherd Dog, or Perro de Pastor Vasco, is a rare and unique breed. Originally utilised by Spanish shepherds to help tend their flocks of sheep and cattle, these are working dogs that also possess the ability to adapt well to modern family life and are renowned for being particularly understanding with young children. Medium-sized, with a typically golden coat, the Basque Shepherd Dog is unquestionably intelligent and high energy to the point that some may call them ‘hyper’. These dogs require a firm and experienced owner who will be able to get the best out of them. With incredibly high exercise tolerance, they flourish when provided with an active, outdoor lifestyle.




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