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Every so often, and we mean once in a blue moon, Euronews surprises us with a “different kind” of journalistic reference to the Basques.  Trying to find them is a bit like playing a game, given all the news about violence that was, until not too long ago, just about the only thing the media noticed happening in the Basque Country, just ahead of soccer.

But last week, we got one of those little miracles: the Pan-European news network dedicated a few moments of their “No Comment” section to the Carnival in Tolosa.

It’s about forty seconds long, including comments in English and in Spanish.

Euronews – 1/3/2019 – Europe

Famous Tolosa carnival underway in Spain’s Basque region

Hundreds of people from all over the Basque Country and further afield converged on the town of Tolosa for the start of the carnival. Children, teenagers and people of all ages wear their costumes for this party that will last until Tuesday.

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