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Our old friend Unai Aranzadi has been busy as of late, writing up some very interesting articles on a wide range of topics, and they’ve all been well received.

Today, we’re bringing up one that is of extraordinary interest, which we’ve blogged about before ourselves: the story of Radio Euzkadi, the broadcaster that gave voice to the Basques in exile during the Francoist dictatorship.  It’s a podcast of an audio tale that is part of a series about anti-Francoist groups who ran radio stations during those dark years.  It was published in the digital newspaper El Salto as part of the International Radio Day commemoration.

The story of Radio Euzkadi, the Voice of the Basque Resistance is simply extraordinary, and does an amazing job of reflecting that amazing ability of the Basques to not give in, despite the hardships.

Unai Aranzadi offers us a pleasant, interesting, and deep take on one of these stories that ought to be widely remembered, and yet, unfortunately, seems to be almost completely forgotten, despite its importance and symbolism.  But, we have to say, it would’ve been nice if the original spelling of the broadcaster had been respected.

We, because it’s so interesting, had to share it on the blog.

El Salto diario – 13/2/2019 –

Ondas contra el franquismo II: Radio Euskadi

Promovida en su mayor parte por veteranos de la guerra civil, “Radio Euskadi, la Voz de la Resistencia Vasca”, fue la radio más clandestina de todas las que operaron durante la larga noche del franquismo.



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