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Women’s struggle for their rights has been long and intense.  Today, March 8, a year after the this movement fighting for equality has grown in strength around the world (though unfortunately not everywhere), women have taken to the streets, on strike, to demand equality.

We’d like to join in defending the goals women are fighting for today by remembering some of the Basque women (or women of Basque families) who have most impressed us in the years we’ve been blogging, including the stories of some war children, as well as the impressions a British student had of Basque women during her stay in our country.

These are their stories:

Artículo sobre lecciones aprendidas en el Pais Vasco

“A Basque woman is a very particular type of woman”





Fotograma del documental sobre una niña vasca de la guerra en Bélgica

The Emotional Stories of the Basque War Children in Belgium (video)




Noble, socialist, republican, Allied spy: Carmen Gurtubay y Alzola, a Basque heroine







Yolande Betbeze manifestándose en New York en 1960 en contra de la discriminación racial

An amazing woman, who received a letter from Obama thanking her for her lifelong struggle for civil rights, has passed away







Juana Azurduy: a woman of Basque blood who fought for the indigenous peoples and independence.  Have you ever heard of her?



Margot Duhalde, the Basque-Chilean who fought as a World War 2 pilot, has passed away

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