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We’ve just come across a reference to the creative capacity of Basque engineer Arkatiz Garro on Gonzalo Varas’ blog in Chile.  The title was so great, we just had to copy it, especially because it reflect the image many around the world have of the ability of the Basques to do things “the right way”.

The story told is that of the use of technology to improve the “relations” between Arkaitz Garro and his wife, and a cat that “adopted” them when they moved to their current home in the Netherlands.

A low-cost way to know when your cat (or other pet) is at the door.

The story was originally told on the Business Insider website in the US, though they did not mention the nationality of the (human) protagonist.

Gonzalo Varas – 4/3/2018 – Chile

Un gato cariñoso, una Raspberry Pi y un ingeniero vasco: ¿qué podía salir mal?

Basta tener una necesidad, más o menos relevante según quién, para ponerse manos a la obra y crear algo asombroso. La tecnología y el mundo maker no para de darnos historias como la de Arkaitz Garro, ingeniero vasco que tenia que encontrar una solución creativa para la visita periódica de un gato para el que la puerta de su casa no estaba preparada.

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