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The Ayacucho La Verdad has just reported on the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Euskal Odola Basque Center in this city south of Buenos Aires.

The new facility has an ample eating and meeting area, a kitchen appropriate for a Basque center, and a patio that, as the paper highlights, is big enough to “accommodate the many activities that the Basque Center organizes in the community, which are always very popular among the townspeople”.  This tells us that this center, which opened just over a decade ago, has become a leading community center, and that’s good news regarding the vitality of the Basque Community there and throughout the world. We hope the new facilities help this Euskaletxea achieve even more success.


La Verdad – 5/3/2018 – Argentina

El Centro Vasco inauguró su casa propia

La comisión directiva y socios del Centro Vasco Euskal Odola de nuestra ciudad, estuvieron de parabienes ayer al poder inaugurar su casa propia, ubicada en calle Sucre 1146. El acto oficial se concretó en torno a las 19 horas, frente a la flamante social, contando con la presencia del Intendente Municipal; Lic. Emilio Cordonnier y del ex Jefe Comunal, Pablo Zubiaurre, acompañando al actual Presidente del Centro Vasco, Ignacio Echeverría y del primer presidente de la institución Mariano Oillataguerre.

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