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Eviana Hartman on the Vogue magazine website has written about a place in Saint-Jean-de-Luz that brings together Basque and Japanese traditions at the hand of Gloria Reiko Pedemonte, an assiduous follower of the Parisian creative underground scene who, two years ago, settled in the Basque Country after more than a decade running the music label Tsunami-Addiction.

Etxe Nami (Wave House) is defined by its creators as a cultural space in Saint-Jean-de-Luz based on the connection between Japan and the Basque Country, dedicated to cuisine, culture, crafts, and the environment.

As Reiko Pedemonte explains:

The Basque Country is strangely similar to Japan, and they have a lot in common: the ocean and mountain landscapes, the climate, the sounds of the languages, the names of the streets, the folklore, pagan beliefs, crafts.
We want to build up strong links between Japan and the Basque Country, based on crafts and tradition, in combination with modernity.  The space, Etxe Name, is an invitation to travel, to understand cultures.

It’s an extremely interesting idea, trying to bring together such different cultures, and it reminds us of a story we wrote back in 2014 about

Vogue – 7/10/2017 -USA

A Chic New Concept Store Is Bringing Japanese Style to French Basque Country

Another season of fashion shows has just wrapped in Paris, and while many editors and buyers are heading home to recover, others know that early October is an optimal time of year to explore the rest of France. A contingent of surf-curious industry insiders are presently shaking off their stress in the Basque Country, a stretch of the southern Atlantic coast between Biarritz and the Spanish border—where it’s currently prime big-wave season, and where a recently opened boutique-restaurant–community hub offers a serenely chic place for them to shop, eat, and hang out.

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The Etxe Nami website



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