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The American city of Pittsburgh and the Basque city of Bilbao have been sister cities since the 1970s.  Both cities, despite their many differences, have a lot of things in common, such as a past based on the steel industry, and an active port.  Both cities have also suffered the metal industry crisis, and both have had success in their consequent transformations, from both an urbanistic as well as an economic viewpoint.

We’re writing about this because on the city’s information site, The Incline, MJ Slaby reported that a few days ago, members of the Pittsburgh Technology Council are going to make an institutional visit to Bilbao to learn about the Bilbao’s transformation process and, as they themselves say, learn from it.

By the way, the name of this publication, The Incline, comes from one of the funicular railways that joins the city to its surrounding hills, just like in Bilbao!

Pittsburgh has shown great interest in Bilbao’s transformation for a long time. Back in 2002, the Carnegie Science Center hosted the exhibit Bilbao: The Transformation of a City, which toured the world, showing what was going on in the Basque city at the time.

Fifteen years later, this representation of the city of PIttsburgh, one of the US cities that is best adapting to the changes brought on by the switch from the traditional economy to the technological one, will be visiting us.

We’re sure that both cities have a lot to learn from each other.

The Incline – 7/8/2017 – USA

Won’t you be my sister city? How Pittsburgh gets international siblings and what we’re learning from one

steel town that reinvented itself after economic collapse — sure, that describes Pittsburgh. It also fits Bilbao, Spain, a city on the other side of the world that’s setting a global example in urban development. Next month, the Pittsburgh Technology Council will travel to the northern Spanish city — known for its arts and culture, like the Guggenheim Museum, and for public transportation — for the organization’s first benchmarking tour focused on policy, said Brian Kennedy, senior vice president for operations and government at the tech council.

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Post Gazette – 11/6/2002 – USA

Science center features ‘Bilbao effect’

Five years ago, the glistening, seductive architecture of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum put an old, industrial city on the international cultural tour map.But today, there’s much more to Bilbao, Spain, than the Goog, as a new three-month exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center reveals.



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