This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Aaron Callow is guiding his readers in the British edition of GQ magazine on a tour of San Sebastian, with an eye to those readers who’d like to spend a weekend there.

So, he’s written up a “basic” guide of the most important things a first-time visitor to this Basque city should see, and the resources he can turn to, including where to stay, where to eat, where to discover pintxos, what to drink (txakoli, “of course”), what to see, and when to go.

We did find it strange that there were no references to any of the wide range of cultural activities San Sebastian has to offer, except for the Film Festival, which the author advises readers to bear in mind when planning a visit.  He doesn’t mention the Jazz Festival, which is one of the most important in the world, especially when Jazzaldia was just held not too long ago.  Nor does he refer to any of the museums, nor to the Musical Fortnight, which offers the opportunity to enjoy some very high-level singers and groups.

He doesn’t even mention the Aquarium, which is practically a must-see for those who travel to San Sebastian and aren’t necessarily especially interested in the other cultural offerings.

We really enjoyed the article, and we must thank the journalist and the magazine for publishing.  But we do believe that San Sebastian has a lot more to offer a weekend visitor.  The cuisine is a very important part of that experience, but there are many more things for a visitor to find that will make the visit magical.

GQ – 27/7/2017 – Gran Bretaña

72 hours in San Sebastian

It was not so long ago that British travellers sought the sun first and foremost. Today, an exciting cuisine is as much a draw as the climate. At San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Country (Donostia is its name in the local language), this is not an either/or decision. With ten times more Michelin stars per capita than London and a unique small-plate bar culture, as well as three broad sandy beaches, this is a sophisticated city for gourmands and vit-D devotees alike.

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