Ya vuelve, qué rápido pasa el tiempo. Estamos en el mes de julio y ya está “llamando a nuestras puertas” la nueva edición de un festival que “hemos visto nacer”: Mundaka Festival.

It’s back for yet another year, and my how time flies.  It’s July, and that means that this year’s Mundaka Festival, which we saw the creation of not too long ago, is knock at our doors.

Three years ago, we announced that a very special festival was going to be started in Mundaka.  At the time, we called it a different kind of festival, because it had the idea of bringing together the three basic elements of being Basque: music, food, and a love for nature sports.  It was so different that, at the first edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, it was the finalist in seven categories, and the winner in two: Best Middle Form Spanish Festival and Best New Festival on the Peninsula.



This third edition of the Mundaka Festival is still bringing together the best music with another important element: experiences.  The idea of being able to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Mundaka and the Urdaibai region is especially notable, and it makes it a different festival.

This is definitely the opportunity to enjoy a unique festival while enjoying unique scenery.  Thousands of people went to the first two editions, so you definitely can’t miss this third one.


July 28-30


Weekend: €65

Starting on Friday the 28: €40

Starting on Saturday the 29: €40

Information about ticket sales



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