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The British daily The Independent has published an article by Ben Chapman this morning analyzing the consequences of the talent flight Brexit seems to be causing.

So far, so normal.  But what caught our attention, and the reason why we’re bringing it up here, is that the article focuses on how the Basque Country is making the most of this new situation by capturing that talent and bringing it to Basque industry and research.  It’s also interesting to point out the differentiation the article writer makes regarding the kind of talent the Basque Country is trying to capture, industrial and scientific, to what other large economic centers like Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, and Madrid are seeking: financial talent.

The article describes the Basque economic and industrial level, as well as highlighting the high percentage of science, engineering, and industrial specialists.  These professionals are in high demand in the UK because Britain isn’t producing enough of them to meet demand.

Although the article focuses on the Basque Autonomous Community as a whole, the work being done by bizkaia:talent (which we’ve discussed before) is again focused on.  The article is chock full of references to this organization run by the Biscay Provincial Government. The article also quotes Managing Director Iván Jiménez at length.

In the fewer than three hours this article has been live, it’s already had over 100 comments.  We’re sure it will get many, many more, from both Brits and EU nationals working in the UK.

The Independent – 25/5/2017 – Gran Bretaña

Brexit: Brain drain fears as Theresa May refuses to guarantee rights of highly-skilled EU workers

Fears of a post-Brexit brain drain are gathering as Theresa May’s Government refuses to guarantee the rights of highly-skilled migrants once the UK leaves the EU. One European region that is capitalising on Brexit to lure back talent it lost to the UK, is Spain’s Basque Country. While Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid vye for London’s top finance talent, the autonomous community in northern Spain is ramping up its own marketing campaign among expat Basques.

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