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Journalist Giles Tremlett at The Guardian was present when the list of storage locations, or zulos, where the ETA hid its weapons and explosives was handed in.  The Guardian, as our regular readers will know, is one of the best media outlets for projecting a real and undistorted image of the Basques abroad.  Along with possibly the New York Times, it’s one of the two media sources that has helped transmit an authentic image, which hasn’t been contaminated by the influences of the embassies, ministries, or media of Spain.

So, in a report that came out at 10:35 this morning, the British daily explained how they were able to be present at the discrete ceremony held at the Bayonne city hall, where the “craftsmen of peace” handed the list they received a few days ago from the terrorist organization over to the verifiers, so that they could hand it over to the French authorities.  Right now, the French police are going to those locations with groups of “civilian mediators”.

This is all we’re going to report on the matter, unless some new, very relevant information, is released later.

But we are going to ask, once again, what these past forty years of this group’s terrorist activities have been good for.  It’s been forty years of assassinations, pain, death, and destruction.  Forty years of repression of Basque society by both the ETA and its supporters, as well as from France and Spain.  Forty years of a negative international image for Basques that will take who knows how long to get rid of.  A final summary that leaves a very negative bottom line, which is what always happens when everything being added up is negative.

All of this can’t be expected to finish by handing in 118 guns, rifles, and automatic weapons; 25,700 cartridges; and 2,875 kg (6338 lb) of explosive material.  For that, as for all the tragedies that have befallen our country in the past eighty years, we need Truth, Justice, and Reparation.  Only someone reckless would believe that, with the certification of a constitution, could all those evil deeds be forgiven with just a “I’m terribly sorry, I was wrong, it won’t happen again”.

The Guardian – 8/4/2017 – Gran Bretaña

Eta arms cache details revealed as Basque group formally disarms

Basque separatist group Eta has said it is giving up 118 pistols, rifles and automatic weapons, 25,7000 rounds of ammunition and 2,875 kilograms of explosive materials to French authorities, as one of Europe’s few home-grown listed terrorist groups finally disarms.

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