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This isn’t the first time, and we’re sure it won’t be the last, that we’re talking about SD Eibar and its commitment to acts of solidarity beyond the borders of our nation.

Exactly one year ago, we were talking about how this Basque soccer team had opened its first official soccer school: the Mexico Eskola de Zapopan, where they’re trying to use sports as a way to share civic values such as solidarity, respect, and humbleness with children who live immersed in an environment where violence plays a dominant role.  

These days, the team is surprising us again, with the decision to dedicate all the revenue from ticket sales to the Eibar – Las Palmas match to help ease the disasters the El Niño effect is having on the town of Piura, which is one of the most heavily affected by the rains and flooding the country is going through.  

It turns out that an NGO in Eibar, Egoaizia, has been working for many years on collaborative projects in that part of Peru, and that in collaboration with that NGO, the team has been running a sports school, the Escuela Deportiva Eibar de Piura, for over 14 years.

This makes the consequences of the natural disaster the Peruvian coast is suffering were felt close to home in Eibar.  But the team isn’t stopping at just donating the proceeds from the Las Palmas match to help the cause: they’ve also set up a “Zero Row” program for those who can’t attend the match but still want to collaborate.

As Oscar Stefano de Antoni, journalist at Vavel, says in his article about the collaborative agreement this Basque team signed with the NGO Egoazia: “Eibar’s incessant activity surprises daily.  The Basque club’s diligence to also work as a transparent organization shines for its social work.”

That’s what SD Eibar say on their website, and that’s how the Peruvian media are telling it, as they’ve taken notice of this decision.  They just need to be a little more precise about locating this club on a map.  We’ll leave you with some examples.

Peru 21 – 25/3/2017 – Perú

Club español Eibar donará su taquilla a damnificados por los huaicos

La SD Eibar dona la taquilla de un partido de Liga para ayudar a los damnificados de las inundaciones en Perú
La SD Eibar dona la taquilla de un partido de Liga para ayudar a los damnificados de las inundaciones en Perú

El club español SD Eibar anunció en su cuenta oficial de Twitter que donará al Perú, la taquilla que recaude en el partido contra UD Las Palmas. Gesto solidario que enaltece su institución deportiva.

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La Republica – 25/3/2017 – Perú

Eibar donará taquilla de partido a damnificados por huaicos en Perú

Siguen sumándose a la buena causa. Los desastres naturales ocurridos en Perú que dejó como saldo víctimas mortales, destrozos y cientos de afectados dio la vuelta al mundo, y el fútbol no fue ajeno a esta emergencia.  El club español Eibar se solidariza con el país, por eso decidió donar toda su taquilla del partido ante la Universidad Las Palmas, por Liga Santander, a los afectados.

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RPP – 25/3/2017 – Perú

Eibar donará toda su taquilla para los damnificados por lluvias y huaicos

La ayuda a los damnificados por el Fenómeno de El Niño Costero no se hace esperar y desde España, el Club Eibar decidió donar toda su taquilla del partido que afrontará de local ante Las Palmas.

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