This article was translated by John R. Bopp, a native Nevadan (Go Wolf Pack!)

Wide Open Country is a web platform out of Texas that talks about music and fashion in the rural parts of the US.  They’ve published an article on Elko County, in northeastern Nevada, that would make anyone want to visit.

But we’re bringing it up here today because, after talking about all the places to visit, the wide open spaces, the towns (both inhabited and ghost), and its people, they talk about its gastronomy!  And of course, its gastronomy is the traditional cuisine of the Basques in the western US.

We’ve talked on numerous occasions about this state that’s full of Basques.  And we’ve also spoken on many occasions about Basque cuisine in the US.  Our favorite article on the matter is still the one that defined it as “The Authentic Cuisine of the Intermountain West”.

But we also have to admit something.  Every article we read about the Basques in the US really makes us want, more and more, to realize our ambition of someday being able to blog about a trip through that country, following the steps of Basque-Americans.  Nevada would, without a doubt, be one of those key places.

Wide Open Country – 2/2017 – USA

Northern Nevada’s Elko County is a Hidden Gem You Should Explore

A way from the glitz and noise of Las Vegas there’s a very different Nevada. In the northern half of the Silver State, in the shadow of the Ruby Mountains, you’ll find the heart of Cowboy Country. Sure, the neon still burns here. Flashing lights advertise all night diners, casinos and, yes, a small red light district, with brothel names like Mona’s Ranch. But after a stroll through Stockmen’s Hotel and Casino in Elko, where curly mustached men in 10-gallon Stetsons play high stakes card games, you might feel like you’ve stumbled onto the set of Deadwood or Westworld. Just don’t call it the Old West.

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