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Sonia de los Santos is an actress and singer (with a talent for children’s music) who was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and now lives in New York.  Lorenzo Parro is a journalist, actor, showman, story writer, and producer, originally from Barakaldo, outside Bilbao, now living in New York, who was lucky enough to “trick” Sonia de los Santos into becoming his wife.

Dan Zanes and Sonia de los Santos sing Kids’ Song “All Around the Kitchen” with Carly and Chica

After a ten-year career as a member of Dan Zanes and Friends, who won the Grammy for best children’s album, Sonia recorded her first solo album, “Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León a la Isla de Nueva York (My Journey: from Nuevo León to the Island of New York), an album of songs that reflect her musical experiences and influences on her journey from her native Monterrey to New York.  It was a journey filled with discovering other cultures and musical rhythms that have brought her closer to her origins.

Among the songs on the album, we can find a Mikel Laboa one, which is especially loved by Basques: “Txoria-Txori”.  It’s included on the album for two reasons, because one of this Mexican’s grandmothers was Basques, and also because so is her husband.

Together, these days, they’re filming a music video along with Sonia’s group and the team at Myco Creative.  They’re going to use this video to promote their album in the US and undoubtedly other places in the Americas.

Filming at the Guggenheim Bilbao

This music video was filmed in several different hideaways throughout Biscay, and was made with help from the Bicayne government and the Bizkaia Bilbao Film Comission

We’re dying to see the result of this work, which we’ll share on our blog as soon as it’s available.  Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with the audio recording of this song and some other references in US media (including our beloved New York Times) about their teaching activities with children.  

By the way, some readers may find the name of Lorenzo Parro rings a bell, thanks to the web-series “Bilbainadas”, which he films with Txemi Parra.  This blog can be followed on the blog “Bilbainadas en New York”, on the Deia newspaper’s website, which tells the adventures of two Athletic Bilbao fans in the Big Apple.

New York Times – 27/10/2016 – USA

Boos, Boogieing and David Bowie at a Halloween Revel for Children

As David Bowie once sang, “Let’s dance.” Or, as his musical heirs will put it this weekend, “Let all the children boogie.” That’s the title of a concert on Saturday at LC Kids Trick-or-Treat, a free Halloween revel on Lincoln Center’s plazas. The show will celebrate the coming release of “Let All the Children Boogie: A Tribute to David Bowie,” an album on which artists from both the young people’s music world and grown-up entertainment have reinterpreted 20 of his songs.


New York Times – 31/12/2015 – USA

Spare Times for Children Listings for Jan. 1-7

Sonia de los Santos, With Dan Zanes (Saturday) Music is a medium that knows no borders, and in this concert, part of the Just Kidding series at Symphony Space, Sonia de los Santos will show how the songs of her native Mexico have enriched her life in the United States, and vice versa. The hourlong bilingual event celebrates her new album, “Mi Viaje: De Nuevo Leon to the New York Island,” which surveys the musical heritage of the Americas from the perspective of la golondrina, a migrating swallow.


Daily News – 2/1/2016 – USA

Sonia de los Santos brings her children’s songs to New York

Sonia de los Santos’ personal journey over the past 10 years, from growing up in Monterrey, Mexico, to becoming a children’s musician in New York, reminds the singer of her grandmother’s garden. “She taught me how the birds would build a nest here, then travel somewhere else to build another one,” says De los Santos. “Then I made the connection: I said, ‘That’s me!’”

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