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This Saturday, December 17, starting at 5:00pm*, at the Jai Alai court at the University of Markina-Xemein, the Xistera Circuit finals will be held.

This is going to be streamed and we’re going to offer our friends and followers the chance to watch it from our website and via our social networks.  The miracles of this technology we call the Internet, which not only let us do such amazing things like keeping in touch with people from around the world who are interested in the topics we discuss in this blog, but it also allows us to watch, with nothing more than an internet connection, the plays and throws of the most authentic Jai Alai.

The details of this cesta punta festival can be looked up on the Xistera website, which is crowning jewel of a circuit that has taken Jai Alai all over the Land of the Basques over the last six months.

The Xistera project has excited us since we learned about it, which we discussed in a previous post.

This seems like a very special project because it’s actually a club that brings together all the cesta punta associations from across the Land of the Basques, from both sides of the Pyrenees. But we also like their goals, which they explain on their website, and we summarize here:

  1. Get kids interested in the sport
  2. Strengthen relationships between associations
  3. Create a circuit, or competition, to motivate young people and fans
  4. Expand the sport around the world.

Like before, there’s nothing that doesn’t excite us about this project.  It brings people together, it’s educational, and focused on youth, is all around the Basque Country, and isn’t elitist.

Xistera, a project for the future of cesta punta.
Xistera, a project for the future of cesta punta.

It’s hard not to get jazzed about a project like this.  At a time when money and mass media dominate sports, it’s nice to find some heroes who want to stimulate interest in jai alai in the most complicated, but most basic way: grassroots.

All we can do is encourage these enthusiasts to continue their project, to young people to take part in this sport that is a key part of the Basque identity, to the sponsors to keep this great idea going, and to the fans of the sport to keep following it, in person or online.

So, again, this Saturday at 5:00pm*, you have a date on our homepage and social networks to enjoy this festival of Basque sport and culture streamed into your homes.

We’ll be sure to remind you on our homepage, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

And it goes without saying that it’ll be watched all over the world.

*5:00pm Bilbao, 4:00pm London, 11:00am New York, 8:00am San Francisco

Xistera – 12/2016 – Euskadi

Markina-Xemein pone el broche al Circuito Xistera

Tras seis meses de actividad, el sábado se disputan las finales con los más destacados del año. El frontón ‘Universidad’ de Markina-Xemein volverá a ser el epicentro de la cesta punta, puesto que este mismo sábado, a partir de las 17:00 horas, acogerá las finales absolutas del Circuito Xistera. Éstas han levantado una gran expectación, hasta el punto de que van a llegar autobuses desde Gasteiz, Mutriku, Donibane Lohizune, Tolosa, Andoain y Zumaia.

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