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Elizabeth Schneider is an American sommelier whoo’s dedicated to spreading the culture of wine through her courses and her blog, called “Wine for Normal People”.-  It’s an attractive concept, especially for those of us who enjoy wine but not want to be connoisseurs, just fans, of the nectar of the gods.

She’s just published an “audio-blog” entry about txakoli, telling her followers some of the keys you need to know to enjoy this Basque wine that’s making inroads in the US.

We really enjoyed her clarity in explaining these keys, but we especially loved seeing the map of our country with all the wines made here in the Land of the Basques marked: Rioja, Navarro, Irouleguy, and Txakoli.

We liked this also because it’s not normal to see all our country’s wines on one map.  The Basque Wikipedia article on Basque wines does.

Our only sticking point: Hondarribia is not in France, but in Gipuzkoa, south of the line separating the Northern and Southern Basque Country.

Wine for normal people – 13/12/2016 – USA

Audio Blog #4: Txakolina – A Basque Wine You Should Know About

Vinos vascos
Vinos vascos

I know it sounds mean, but you’ll never hear me say “drink what you like.” Why? Because if you do that, you’ll never get out of your comfort zone and branch out to things that you may not have heard of before.

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