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In these six years that we’ve been doing this blog, we’ve made many references to information we’ve collected about people talking about the “Athletic model”.  Some are absolutely disgraceful, even talking about racism.  Others, most, discuss the matter with respect and even a bit of jealousy regarding this way of thinking about a football team.

Today, we’ve found one of those that fully enters the latter, positive, group, with an article penned by Rohan Alvares in the Times of India.

In this articles, readers can learn some of the fundamentals that make up this football club unusual given the regular models for teams that participate in this sport’s big leagues.

This is especially noticeable in how players are recruited, which, far from being a racist or xenophobic principle, as some comment in their articles, is based on criteria that are inclusive in the society (and nation) that makes up this team.

It’s true that this article doesn’t reach the level of “enthusiasm” that was shown by the Vietnamese daily Xahoi when they published an article asking their readers to “pray for them, in their battle against the world”.  No, it doesn’t go that far, but we’re sure that it’s going to please the fans of this Basque club.

The Times of India – 5/11/2016 – India

Local pride helps Bilbao Basque in glory

In a day and age when a growing number of historic European clubs are turning their heads to new markets with the aim of cashing in on an ever increasing fan base, Athletic Bilbao are an exception to this trend whose story is guaranteed to leave football romantics enthralled.

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