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Camille Reisfield, from Georgetown University, has written an article that explains, from her point of view, the six reasons why Basque gastronomy is so successful all over the world.  Her analysis seemed interesting, and sounded rather right to our ears.  Curiously, because this isn’t usually the case, the image of Basque cuisine is based more on products from north of the Pyrenees rather than from the south.

It’s interesting to see how interest in Basque gastronomy is growing more and more, just like how interesting it is to see kalimotxo and its recipe in the New York Times or on this website: an infographic for making kalimotxo, by Brooke Hamroff.

Spoon University -3/6/2016 – USA

6 Reasons Basque Food Is Taking the Culinary World by Storm

Though it’s a cuisine and culture I’ve grown up with my entire life, I can’t help but notice how the Basque Country is rising in prominence as a foodie haven. Suddenly, its cuisine and flavors are in style. Basque food is popping up everywhere – from local grocery stores to big name restaurants.

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Spoon University -23/10/2015 – USA

5 O’Clock Fridays: Kalimotxo

Kalimotxo_GIF12This is a very serious episode with a seriously difficult drink recipe — a kalimotxo, which is red wine plus cola. Serious stuff. That is all.

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