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This book, “We Are Basque-Argentines: Getting our Historical Memory Back”, is the culmination of the research of Magdalena Mignaburu and Josu Legarreta, where they have analyzed the work in organizing and planning that has been done by Basque Argentines in the Euskaletxeak throughout the country.

The book will be launched in three Basque cities:

  • On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, at the Basque Museum of Bayonne, 6:00PM
  • On Monday, June 20, 2016, at the Basque Museum of Bilbao, 7:00PM
  • On Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at the San Sebastian Aquarium, at 7:00PM

The work covers the Basque Congresses in Argentina and, through them, covers the work done by that Basque community to maintain their culture and identity as well as create effective links between  the two countries.  

Currently, there seems to be, among the “inland Basques,” especially the younger generations, a simplified version of the role the euskaletxeak have had and do have.  They are seen and treated as rather irrelevant entities due to their relatively folkloric role, as they see it; they don’t know the extremely relevant role these centers had in moments of great social crisis in our country, where important action was taking in defending the Basque Country, because the role of these Basque centers, and thereby the Basque community around the world, has been fundamental since its founding through to today.

The big push for the future is to be able to include their contributions in the Country’s general strategy, contributions which must continue being key “in and for” the future of Basques in the world, just as these ideas were defined by Basques in Argentina since at least the 1980s.

It’s a role that revolves around three fundamental axes: institutions, culture, and business.  Basques, and their institutions, can have active and experiences organizations throughout the world. Wasting that potential would be a grave mistake with serious consequences.  We are incredibly lucky to have Basque descendentes, many of them even up to fifth generation, who are knowledgeable about their roots and ready to participate in the creation and strengthening of the links that might unite the Land of the Basques with those countries at all levels.

Their commitment has been clear all through the history of these organizations.  Encouraging this role, giving them the starring role they deserve and which they can and want to enjoy, is key, both for the positioning of our country in the world, as well as guaranteeing that these centers have a clear and attractive goal that can inpsire and bring in new generations of Basque descendents.

The book, 467 pages long, has been published in the Urazandi collection and includes a USB memory with the sound recordings of each speeches and speakers at the First World Congress of Baque Centers (approx. 18 hours).  It can be had online.



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