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A reader of our blog has made us aware of this two-minute video that shows everyone how Basques define themselves.

Okay, it’s true, this is not a breaking headline.  It’s a romería chorus song organized by Aiko Taldea in the Bilbao City Fiestas that was shown on ETB1’s “Oholtzan”, a show that we love and from which we’ve taken these two minutes to define the Basques.

Also, small world, it turns out that while digging through the Aiko Taldea website, we’ve come across some old friends we didn’t even know were there.

Who are we Basques?  Basques.
What is the land of the Basques?  The land of the Basques.

This song, which ends the romería, and the program, is that clear.

 Ikusi mendizaleak

 Look, Mountaineers

igo behar dugu.
Ez nekeak, ezta bide txarrak;
gora, gora, Euskal Herria
Gu euskaldunak gara,
Euskal Herrikoak.


Hemen mendi tontorrean,
euskal lurren artean,
begiak zabaldurik,
bihotza erreta.

Hain ederra, hain polita da ta,
gora, gora Euskal Herria
Gu euskaldunak gara,
Euskal Herrikoak.
Gu euskaldunak gara,
Euskal Herrikoak.

To the mountain summit we’ve arrived
Neither tiredness nor the hard trail
Up, Up, Basque Country
We are Basques
from the Basque Country.


Here on the summit of the mountain,
in Basque lands,
eyes open,
heart on fire.

So pretty, so beautiful,
up, up, Basque Country
We are Basques,
from the Basque Country,
We are Basques,
from the Basque Country.

We hope ETB will forgive us for using their footage, but it’s so beautiful!

Click here to see the whole program.

We know that it might seem like it has nothing to do with anything, but when we hear this song, we always remember the version Ken Zazpi did of Lauaxeta’s poem “Mendigoxaliarena”, and which we once used to transmit, just after an October 12, the Day of Hispanics and the National Holiday of the Kingdom of Spain, a wish to all Basques: Health and the Basque Republic.

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