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Princess Charlotte is the newborn daughter of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. She was “presented to the media” on 2 May.

In the absence of more important things to worry about, gossip magazines devoted themselves to investigate the origin of the clothes that the newborn wore. And it turns out that the clothes (cap and jersey) worn at such a solemn occasion were bought in a shop in San Sebastián: Irulea.

We are happy for this Basque shop, as it is certainly going to get a great international exposure in view of the interest generated by anything done by one of the royal families that still remain in the world. Furthermore, it is curious to note the interest raised by the fact that the cap was not on properly.

Our attention is also drawn to the selective application of “nationality” to the Basques. If they generate good news, chances are that they will be labeled as “Spanish” or “French” (depending on the “side” of the border where they were born). However, if the news is bad, especially if linked to terrorism, they are most likely to be labeled as “Basque”.

We can´t recall a single news item in which an ETA terrorist has been described as “Spanish”. A few days ago, Urbizu Hilario San Roman was arrested in Mexico. He was cataloged as a Basque member of a Basque terrorist organization. We have reflected on this curious dichotomy on previous occasions.

In any case, our congratulations to the owners of Irulea. This social event for the greater glory of the British monarchy will surely result in large sales for them.

Daily Mail – 7/5/2015 – Gran Bretaña

Her first style slip-up! The knitted bonnet that Princess Charlotte wore when leaving hospital with Kate and William was actually on backwards

Her mother and grandmother are fashion icons, so Princess Charlotte most likely has an innate sense of style running through her veins.  But the newborn has unfortunately already made a sartorial slip-up after she wore her bonnet the wrong way round.  According to the US magazine PEOPLE, the knitted area that surrounded the little girl’s face was actually meant to be hidden.

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Bustle – 7/5/2015 – USA

Princess Charlotte’s First Outfit Is Irulea, And You Can Still Buy Similar Pieces For Your Little One

Well folks, we finally know where Princess Charlotte got those adorable clothes she left the hospital in. Princess Charlotte’s first outfit is from Irulea, a Spanish clothing store. Now all you new or expecting parents out there know exactly where to scoop up an adorable, royalty-approved ensemble for your little one — if you can get there before it’s sold out, that is.

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