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The idea came to us last weekend; then discussed it and we received great feedback. So, without further ado, we have decided to launch a new section on our website that will allow everyone to share photos of the “Country of the Basques”.

We would like to play our part in allowing people from all over the world to get a taste of this little “great country”.

From the Adour to Ebro, the Basque Country offers an extraordinary range of landscapes, histories, cultures, and traditions. But the thing is that this country extends far beyond its territorial borders, reaching all corners of the world. The Basque Diaspora has managed to maintain and cultivate their traditions and culture, and it will have its place within our new panel of photos.

Whenever you post a photo, please do not forget to tell your friends about it. As for those of you who view these pictures, please share those you like most through your social networks.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

(We kindly ask you to forgive any mistakes and delays with regard to this new section, which we will be trialing throughout May).

Please bear in mind the following standards and conditions for sharing pictures:

How to share photos

The way to share your view is simple. At the bottom of the pictures (just above these lines) you will find the link to share them (a maximum of 2 per month). When clicking on it, a drown-drop menu will display. There are two fields that you need to fill in:

  • Title of the picture: It must be clear, brief and it should help to locate the image.
  • Comments: This is very important for us. We expect you to include, together with your title, any information to enable the classification of the image, because we hope to geo-locate those pictures on a map in the future (after this trial period) so as to allow everyone to view them.

Try to post photos that are not very large files, so as to facilitate the process.
The photos will be initially posted within this section for everyone to enjoy. At the end of each month, all the documented pictures that can be properly located will become part of a map that will be available for consultation to everybody.

Each month’s “most valued picture” will enter the “Hall of Fame”, obtaining the appropriate recognition.

Conditions to upload a photo:

  • The person who uploads the picture must be its author and the photo must be copyright free.
  • The picture’s author agrees to its publication on this website without any reservation and free of charge.
  • The picture’s author agrees to post the photo under a creative commons license (licencia de Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional) with regards to third parties that visit the website.

Visit and take part in this new section

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