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Txikito is a Basque restaurant in New York that has already been mentioned several times on our website. This time, we refer to it because the web New York Food Journal has published David Helman’s  impressions after his visit to this small Basque gastronomic embassy in Manhattan.

The feeling when reading the article is that he really enjoyed the dishes he tried at this restaurant, run by Eder Montero and Alexandra Raij. His enthusiasm is clearly reflected in this paragraph:

Indeed, the food at Txikito resembles the offerings at the everyday Basque pintxo bar. It wouldn’t stand out in San Sebastian (except for the New York prices), but it would be totally acceptable, and as a Basque food fanatic I mean that as high praise. Best of all, you can have it without a flight to Pais Vasco.

Undoubtedly, that´s quite an endorsement.

As I said, Txikito is a restaurant we’ve mentioned on previous occasions, and we’ve done so because of one of their initiatives, which we qualified as “proactive” in this post’s headline. We are referring to the Txikifest: A popular street party organized by this restaurant in which, once a year, they offer New Yorkers the chance to enjoy two traditional Basque drinks, txakoli (Basque white wine) and cider, accompanied by a wide variety of ‘pintxos’ to ensure a good digestion.

Moreover, the all profits from this event are destined to charity. That´s what building a market, a country and a good image of the Basques is all about!

(By the way, we couldn´t but show you the main picture of Txikito’s website, which is at the head of this post. It’s simply remarkable)



New York Food Journal –  10/3/2015 – USA


A pintxo of chorizo, sofrito, and egg. Txikito
A pintxo of chorizo, sofrito, and egg. Txikito

The word “txikito” makes me think of two things. The first is “chiquito,” the same word but written in Castilian Spanish instead of Euskara, the Basque language. It means “tiny.” And Txikito is a small restaurant, with two small dining rooms, each serving small plates of food. The second is “txikiteo,” and that is one of my favorite words. Txikiteo is central to the Basque region‘s cuisine and culture. It refers to the pintxos crawl, the activity of bar hopping, enjoying at each spot a carefully selected pintxo and a drink.

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