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Since 2004, the Centro Basko Argentino Euzko Etxea de Necochea (Argentina) has organized an activity of special interest: it invites young people (aged 18 to 30) living in the Basque Country to share their knowledge of Basque, dantzas (traditional Basque dances), music, gastronomy and Basque sports with the Basques living in Argentina.

The approach is simple and interesting. Young people only have to bear the costs of the trip. Everything else (accommodation with a family belonging to the Euskal Etxea and meals) is paid by the Centro Basko.

This is not only to bring knowledge but also to acquire it, in order to know how the Basques in the diaspora have been able to maintain (often in very difficult conditions) their roots attached to the Basque land, while they became exemplary citizens to the countries hosting them.

The poor Basque Country, or the Basque Country subject to fierce repression or war, and the mass migration of Basques (to America mainly) is no longer happening, and that has had consequences regarding the connection between the Basques in the diaspora and their country of origin, as explained in the website where the Hator Hona project is launched:

Due mainly to the absence of Basque immigration for many years, the maintenance and continuity of Basque culture is, purely and simply, a result of everyone’s effort to prevent the loss of our identity. This is the scenario under which this project is developed, a way to show how, when there are good intentions, ideas and willingness, the resources to keep alive the Basque spirit are inexhaustible. One way to prove that, despite the outlook we live in, we do not give up and remain ready to continue the legacy left by our ancestors. The exchange allows us to not only to maintain the Basque culture present among us but also to teach us what those Basques who were forced to leave their land had achieved in somehow maintaining their roots.

This meeting for exchanging the sense of belonging among Basques of the two hemispheres is to be performed between July 17, 2015 and August 9, 2015. For those who are interested, the registration period is open from March 30 until April 30, 2015.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for many exciting reasons. By the way, we have just checked the prices for Madrid-Buenos Aires round-trip flights and they are currently available from €588.50.

Please see the website with all the information and a video summarizing the 2014 meeting (by the way, the Centro Basko Argentino Euzko Etxea de Necochea is AMAZING)


Centro Basko Necochea – /3/2015 – Argentina

Hator Hona

Si tienes entre 18 y 30 años, conocimientos sobre euskera, dantzas, música, gastronomía o deportes vascos, te gusta transmitirlos, dar a conocer tu cultura en el mundo y ganas de conocer gente en otro país… Desde el Centro Vasco Argentino Euzko Etxea de Necochea, Argentina realizamos todos los años desde 2004 este programa con gran éxito y convocatoria, en el que ya han participado más de 70 jóvenes vascos y vascas. Solo tienes que pagar tu viaje hasta Necochea (Buenos Aires, Argentina) y el resto (alojamiento en casa de una familia perteneciente a la Euskal Etxea y comidas) te lo brindamos nosotros.

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