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Imanol Mujika has shared an incredible time-lapse video with us on his Vimeo account.  It’s just an extremely beautiful video that we decided we had to share it with all our readers so they can enjoy these incredible images of the Bay of Biscay.  It’s one of those occasions when we don’t need the “excuse” of something appearing in the international media for us to report on it.  When our readers see it, they’ll understand.  

To understand the work behind this just-over-three-minute video, we’ll let the videomaker explain:

After almost nine months of work, since I started taking photographs in order to make a time-lapse video, process the almost 40,000 photographs (140 shots), and make a small selection, I am finally able to give you all a preview of all this work.

It was a lot of getting up before dawn, spending afternoons watching the sunset, spending evenings watching the stars, cold, hot, rain, but in the end, when you finally begin to see a bit of the result, you realized the time invested was well spent.

I hope you all like it!!!

Most of the locations are on the Biscay and Gipuzkoa coast. Bermeo, Getaria, Mundaka, Bakio, Azkorri, Mount Jata, Barrika, Gaztelugatxe, and Matxitxako.

It left us speechlees.  Really, don’t miss this, because they are three absolutely glorious minutes.  We even had a tough time selecting a photogram to use at the header, because there were too many extraordinary images to choose from.  It’s almost impossible to share all the beauty that this series of photographs turned into moving images creates.

Imanol Mujika, zorionak for this extraordinary work.

We’ll leave you with the video and some examples of this exceptional photographer’s awesome work.

Summer time 2015 – Imanol Mujika

Summer time 2015 (FINAL EDITION) from Imanol Mujika on Vimeo.

Website of photographer Imanol Mujika



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