We’ve already brought you many stories (though they’re never enough) about the Basque War Children.  What’s more, we actually mentioned this very about two years ago.  But we shall continue to fight on to keep the memory alive, as we believe forgetting is the greatest enemy of Justice, Dignity, and indeed, the Cause of the Basque People.

So, now that two years have gone by, and we have almost five times as many followers on Facebook, and a far higher number of readers, we wanted to bring back this story that moves us, and makes us proud of the work that the Government of the Basques carried out 75 years ago to protect these children from the disasters of war and the horrors of the fascists.

The excuse this time is that the British website Niceone has brought back a 2012 article on The Two Unfortunates, which made us aware of and inspired us to publish the extraordinary story of the Basque children playing soccer while exiled in Britain, in an entry we titled “The Basque soccer team that triumphed in Great Britain in the 1938-9 season”.

Moreover, this story guided us to learning about another extraordinary and marvelous story with those Basque children again as protagonists thanks to “Cambria House Journal”, which at that time we titled, “The newspaper of the Basque children at King Arthur’s Court”.

We’re not going to repeat those entries, but we will make an exception and use ourselves as a source.  We just hope you read them and learn about these two parts of the adventures of our Basque children while in exile.  Truly, it will not disappoint.

About Basque Country – 28/11/2012 – Euskadi

The Basque Soccer Team that Triumphed in Great Britain in the 1938-9 Season

Equipo de futbol de los niños vascos de la Guerra en Gran Bretaña
The Basque boys’ soccer team during the War while in Great Britain

Almost 75 years before Athletic Bilbao would beat Manchester United, a team made up of Basque players who were just boys were winning matches at respect among the fans in Cardiff and throughout Wales.  Joe Harrison shares this story with us in a marvelous article on the British soccer website The Two Unfortunates.



About Basque Country – 29/11/2012 – Euskadi


Pero ahora queremos hablar de una joya que nos hemos encontrado leyendo el artículo original, escrito por Joe Harrison en un maravilloso texto publicado en la web británica de fútbol The Two Unfortunates. En el mismo, se hace referencia al fascinante Cambria House Journal. No podemos imaginar un adjetivo más adecuado que fascinante para describir la web que recoge la estancia de estos 30 niños vascos en el sur de Gales y el periódico que escribieron para recaudar fondos. Porque, no nos olvidemos, su estancia no recibía ayuda alguna de la administración británica, sino que era apoyada por movimientos sociales, grupos cristianos, sindicatos y algún partido político.  Es decir, por gentes de pocos recursos y mucha solidaridad



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