Thanks to an entry we found at the Institut Cultural Basque, we’ve come across a report about the project, which until now we’d never heard of, but which we’re fascinated by.  It may not have appeared in any international media, but as on other occasions, we’re going to make an exception as we really want our readers to know about it.

SOINUMAPA.NET, as you can see from its very name, is a collaborative project to map the sounds of the Basque Country based on phonography or the art of recording the sounds in our environment, which aims to show, listen to, and share recordings from the field.  On this website, you can find a collection of sounds recorded in the Basque Country: city noises, mountain ambiance, animals, fiestas, places, events, etc.  You can look things up, then listen and reuse these files for any creative, educational, or research purposes.

Plus, it’s a collaboration, so if anyone wants to participated by adding new sounds to the map, they can research how to in the “Participate” section.

We’ll leave you with some of the sounds we found on their website, but there are hundreds and hundreds from all over the breadth and length of our country; moreover, you can take part by adding the ones you find most interesting.

SOINUMAPA.NET invites you to open up your ears and to get to know our country by listening to it.  Bon voyage!

SOINUMAPA.NET – Proyecto colaborativo -Euskadi


Map of the Basque Country with the locations of the recordings

Te presentamos el proyecto colaborativo de Mapa sonoro del País Vasco SOINUMAPA.NET, basado en la fonografía o el arte de grabar los sonidos de nuestro entorno y que pretende mostrar, escuchar y compartir grabaciones de campo. En esta web puedes consultar una colección de grabaciones realizadas en el País Vasco: ruidos de ciudad, ambiente de la montaña, animales, fiestas y celebraciones, lugares, acontecimientos…

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Oñati – Zortziko of the Corpus

Donibane Garazi – Pilgrims


Altzumarta – Allende, dance maestro

Bilbao – Market

Donostia – Fireworks

Gasteiz – Frogs in Olarizu

Iruña-Pamplona – San Fermín/Charanga




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