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National Geographic: cider’s key role in the history of the Basques

La sidra se escancia de un barril en la Sidrería Barkaiztegi, donde la misma familia ha producido sidra desde 1680.  FOTOGRAFÍA DE AGEFOTOSTOCK, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO
National Geographic has published an article on their website about the key role cider has played in Basque culture, society, and economy over the centuries

Who the peninsular Basques are: the teachings of History (from Peru)

Fragment of the map by Willem Blaeu. "Regnorum Hispanae nova descriptio." From Nouvel Atlas. Amsterdam: Willem & Joan Blaeu, 1643-50. 14 3/4 x 19 1/4. Engraving
This article was translated by Joseba Varela In this day and age, certain voices are casting doubt on which territories actually conform the Basque homeland in...

National Geographic 1968: A look back, to 45 years ago, at...

Mapa del Pais Vasco incluido en el articulo escirto por autor norteamericano de origen vasco Robert Laxalt, y con fotografías de William Albert Allard, en la revista National Geographic publicaba en 1968
This article was translated by John R. Bopp In August of 1968, National Geographic published an outstanding 37-page article titled “Land of the Ancient Basques”.  It...