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Are you Basque aged 18–35? Travel the Basque Country with the...

Los participantes de Gaztemundu 2022 en la Casa de Juntas de Gernika (Foto Juntas Generales de Bizkaia)
Registration for the Gaztemundu program is still open through October 7, so if you're a young Basque person from the Diaspora, take this opportunity to come to the Basque Country!

The frontón in Grand Junction, Colorado is on its way to...

Frontón de Gran Junction, Colorado (fotografia Colorado Euskal Etxea)
The Grand Junction frontón has gone from being at risk of being torn down to becoming a protected historic building

Gaztemundu, the opportunity for the youth of the diaspora to come...

Convocado Gaztemundu 2022.  Una imagen de Gaztemundu 2019
People of the Diaspora aged 18–35 can visit the land of their ancestors thanks to the Basque Government's Gaztemundu program

Iñaki Unamuno, the Basque Macachín dedicated a bust to for his...

Iñaki Unamuno inaugurando el busto que en reconocimiento a su labor ha erigido la   Macachín Fotografia de Xavier Martin
Basque Iñaki Unamuno, in 2019, inaugurated a Basque that Macachín erected in his honor for his commitment to the community by promoting a key organization, the Basque Union