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The ‘New York Times’ takes us shopping in Bayonne (and Labourd)

Pasea, compra y come a lo largo de los adoquines de la Rue des Basques en Bayona.Crédito...Ana María Arévalo Gosen para The New York Times
We know we've said it a thousand times, but the New York Times is, for us, one of the international media that best transmits...

Viewpoints: Grape Harvest in the Rioja Alavesa, part II, from the...

Rioja alavesa, vid y uvas
This is the second entry in a series we've dedicated to the grape harvest in the Rioja Alavesa.  In the first part of this...

“Viewpoints” The grape harvest in the Rioja Alavesa I

Vistas desde un viñero de Rioja alavesa
The first entry in a series we're dedicating to the grape harvest in the Rioja Alavesa, and its past, present, and future as a leading wine producing area

From a Massachusetts university: 5 reasons to visit the Basque Country

5 razones para visitar el País Vasco- Her Campus
Grace Bertagna, a sophomore at UM Amherst, tells Her Campus why everyone should visit the Basque Country

German GEO and Der Westen publish an article about Elcano and...

Atardecer en la Playa de Gaztetape de Getaria: Está orientada a mar abierto, lo que la hace atractiva para los surfistas por el oleaje © Manuel Meyer/dpa-tmn
GEO in German and Der Westen publish an article by Manuel Meyer about sailor Juan Sebastian Elcano and his hometown of Getaria

Viewpoints: Lekeitio, a jewel of the Basque Coast

Lekeitio desde la desembocadura del Lea
A drone's-eye look at the port of Lekeitio

Viewpoints: Sunset at Mount Ilso/Eguen – Enkarterri – Biscay

Puntos de Vista: Atardecer en el monte Ilso/Eguen - Enkarterri - Bizkaia
The first video we've filmed with a drone! We went to Mount Ilso in the Enkarterri to film an amazing sunset in August

German TV WDR presents a tour of the southern Basque coast

WDR Das Baskenland - Spaniens raue Atlantikküste
Anne Willmes presents an amazing episode of "Wunderschön!" on German public broadcaster WDR covering the southern Basque coast

Bilbao and San Sebastián, two of the “10 most dangerous in...

Bilbao la ciudad mas peligrosa según express
The English daily 'The Daily Express" publishes a delirious list of the ten most dangerous cities in Spain, and includes Bilbao and San Sebastian on it

A report on Bilbao on German public TV and 3sat

Reportaje sobre Bilbao en la TV ARD alemana
A report on Bilbao on German public TV's "Da will ich hin!"