Rick Steves is an American expert on traveling through Europe.  He’s written many guidebooks and hosted many TV shows, and is considered one of the leading US authorities on traveling to the Old Continent.  We come across him regularly in our research, and we’ve brought you some of his most interesting articles that we’ve found about our country.

And he’s back on our blog today because the website of The Daily Herald in Washington state has brought us an amazing description of his of the Running of the Bulls, Navarre’s most famous festival worldwide, thanks no doubt to Hemingway.

We do believe that it’s logical that, after reading this article, many of the readers in the northern Seattle suburbs that read this newspaper will want to visit this part of the Basque Country to discover the magic of the Sanfermines.  The tale may not be intense enough to get them to actually run, but we’re sure they’ll want to be in Pamplon on July 7th.

Everett Herald – 3/4/2022 – USA

Rick Steves on Pamplona, and feeling the bull’s breath on your pants

Like a cowboy at a rodeo, I sit atop my spot on the fence. A loudspeaker declares — first in Spanish, then in English — “Do not touch the wounded. That is the responsibility of health personnel.” A line of fluorescent-green-vested police sweeps down the street, clearing away drunks and anyone not fit to run. Then the cleaning crew and their street-scrubbing truck make one last pass, gathering garbage and clearing broken glass. The street — just an hour ago filled with throngs of all-night revelers — is now pristine, sanitized for a televised spectacle. It’s the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

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