The British cycle tourism blog Epic Road Rides has just published an extensive article on the Basque Country as a place of interest for those who love sightseeing by bicycle.

The author of the article and of this magnificent blog, Clare, has given an excellent and detailed description of what the lovers of this kind of tourism can find when coming to our land.  And she’s drawn up five routes focused on the western part of the Lower Basque Country, with some miles in Gipuzkoa and Navarre that are closer to the border with Labourd.

We can only thank her for this article on what’s “essential” to know when coming to the Basque Country to cycle, and in a very special way, as she understands that the borders between Spain and France do not really divide our country.

As we like to say in cases like these, we’d like to encourage her to continue visiting us, traveling our highways, and writing about her visits.  The part of our land that she focused on is especially beautiful, but our small land is full of beautiful and interesting landscapes and places.  Everything except glaciers can be found here.  And there can be no doubt that cycling is an activity that is very much thriving in our society and on our roads.

We’d also like to congratulate her for her amazing blog, not only for its contents, but also for its design.

Epic Road Rides – 10/2021 – Great Britain

Cycling Basque Country:the essentials

Basque Country is one of the heartlands of cycling in Europe; it’s home to many cycling teams and clued-up fans. It also makes a fantastic place for a cycling holiday. If you’re considering a Basque Country cycling trip, the first thing to know is where to find it on a map; and that has been a political issue for centuries! In short, Basque Country is a defined area of northern Spain. Bilbao and San Sebastian are its main two cities. However, wider Basque Country is less clearly defined and includes the region of Navarre in Spain as well as parts of France.

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