We are quite clear on the fact that the months spent in confinement allowed us to look through windows many people opened up to us.  Of the many things we discovered, one especially impressed us: a remake of “Highway to Hell” by that mythical Australian group AC/DC, with the dulzaina and alboka leading the way.

This musical gem is the work of Ivan Allue Hermosilla, a member of a family that is quite close to Basque culture.  During the confinement, he offered 57 appearances during his “Songs for the Neighborhood” series for anyone who could see him from his balcony on Larrakotorre Street in the San Ignacio neighborhood of Bilbao.  And for “the rest of Bilbao” (i.e., the world, according to Miguel de Unamuno’s claims), he’s shared them on his Youtube channel.

We’ve been asking ourselves if, after the huge media reach his entries have had, it was pertinent to include it.  And the final answer, as you can see, is Yes!  It is pertinent because the work is marvelous, and because the dulzaina and the alboka (wow, it’s amazing how well the alboka works in this song!) fit with AC/DC’s music like a hand in a glove.  But most of all, we just really wanted to!

In addition to the video, we’ll also leave you with a link to the YouTube channel site of Ivan Alluep, aka “Txistuman“, so you can get to know him and discover, like we did, what an artist he is.  You can also check out his Facebook profile.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  And be sure to check out his whole channel—you’ll be amazed!

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