Every time we get some news from our compatriots in South America, we’re always happy.  We always get the impression that the media doesn’t give the historical importance and activity these Basque organizations in the New World carry out the attention they deserve.  We’re well aware that this is just our perception, but that’s how we feel.

El Diario del Centro del País, published in Villa María, at the heart of the Argentine province of Córdoba, is part of those media outlets that are part of the exception to this general rule.  It’s not hard to find reports about the Basques and the Euzko Etxea Basque Center there, which we’ve spoken about on many occasions.

Today, we’re bringing you a report they published in April 2019 that has been brought to us by a regular reader who’s already clued us in to several very interesting piece of news.

This time, it’s an interview with Florencia Denis, a Basque teacher at that Basque center.  In her replies, we can find many interesting things, especially those referring to the commitment the Basques there have with Basque language and culture, working hard to maintain strong links to the land of their ancestors that they, by right, form a part of.

We’re sharing it a year late, but not only is this article still up-to-date, it also, again, serves as a way to feel that deep connection and relationship that the Basques all around the world keep thriving.

El Diario – 21/3/2019 – Argentina

“El euskera te abre a un mundo nuevo”

Las clases de la enigmática lengua, una de las más antiguas del mundo, se imparten de forma gratuita en el Centro Vasco local. Curiosidades de un idioma muy particular, de la mano de esta especialista villamariense -El euskera es uno de los idiomas más antiguos del mundo, comentarnos al respecto.

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