You don’t have to dig too deep into the blog to discover our weakness for the Basque Passionists who, since 1913, that’s over a century, have been dedicated to making that epic journey of the Basques in the Peruvian Amazon a reality.

It’s quite easy to tell, given how much we’ve written about them, and how fondly we’ve done so.  We were even lucky enough to get to interview Jesús María Aristín, who up until now was the Apostolic Administrator of the Vicariate of Yurimaguas.  This vicariate is about to turn 100, and it has always had a strong Basque presence, including always having had a bishop who was a Basque and a Passionist.

At the time, we called him the bishop of the vicariate, though, as we said, his official title was Apostolic Administrator, who is the person in charge of running it while the Pope was choosing a successor bishop (because apostolic vicariates answer directly to the pope).

So, the Pope has finally done so, and ratified Jesús María Aristín in his role, meaning his provisional status is now definitive.  We are thrilled, because we’re sure he’s a worthy successor to his predecessors:

  • Atanasio Celestino Jáuregui y Goiri, C.P. (1921 — August 30, 1957)
  • Gregorio Elias Olazar Muruaga, C.P. (August 31, 1957 — March 25, 1972)
  • Miguel Irizar Campos, C.P. (March 25, 1972 — August 6, 1989)
  • José Luis Astigarraga Lizarralde, C.P. (November 26, 1991 — December 17, 2016)
  • Jesús María Aristín Seco, C.P., since December 17, 2016.

Our warmest congratulations, and our best wishes that his time as the head of the Vicariate of Yurimaguas is a resounding success.

Zorionak bihotz bihotzetik !!!!


Agencia Fides – 8/7/2020 – Italy

AMERICA/PERU’ – Nomina del Vicario Apostolico di Yurimaguas

Città del Vaticano (Agenzia Fides) – Il Santo Padre Francesco ha nominato Vicario Apostolico del Vicariato Apostolico di Yurimaguas (Perú), il P. Jesús María Aristín Seco, C.P., finora Amministratore Apostolico del medesimo Vicariato.

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