What we’re seeing on the blog paysbasque.net are things we like, a lot.  Well, us and the other 130,000 followers on their Facebook page.  We’ve been following them on social media for a while because, like us, their vision of the Country, of our Country, doesn’t stop at the border that artificially separates the Basques.

Yes, they do tend to focus their information on things happening north of the Pyrenees, but their reports southwards are commonplace.

What’s more, during this special times we get to live through, they’re beginning to make a huge effort to serve as a communication channel between producers and Basque consumers, or as a window for Basque musicians to perform.  And they’re offering some videos of parts of our country that are totally worth seeing.

Our regular readers will be very familiar with our fondness for the lands beyond the Bidassoa, as can be seen in the many articles we’ve filmed there for our series “Viewpoints“.  We admit that, like many others from the Southern Basque Country, we know too little about the other side, and that’s something we’re trying to address.  And we do our utmost to make sure that every little step we take in that direction is shared with you all here.

We Basques have lived with our backs turned to other Basques for too long.  Correcting that is in our hands, all of us.  For those of us living on “the South Side”, this website can really help us in the process of getting to know each other.

We’re sharing some videos they’ve posted on Facebook.  These videos allow us to visit a few new places in our Country, to experience a bit of Basque culture and humor, and even seen some of their “incursions” south!

Their blog, here

Their Facebook page, here

We always do this, but now that the presence of the Basques in the Basque Homeland si going to be more necessary than ever, we shall say it again: we encourage you to visit these amazing places in our “big little country”.  It has so much to offer: all we’re missing is a glacier!  We’ve got jungles, beaches, mountains, lakes, deserts, and ancient culture, a modern culture, cuisine, tradition, modernity, and, more than anything else, an extraordinary people.














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