Yesterday, Facebook offered the whole English-speaking community an event which, thanks to concrete, and successful, experiences, has helped us better understand how to use Facebook Groups and how to make the most of its potential for creating communities that are more active, more participative, and which better satisfy their guiding principles.

Yesterday, we spent a good amount of time listening to these experiences and advice, and we’ve come to understand that it’s a tool with a huge potential, if we know how to take advantage of it.

We use a Facebook Page to stay in contact with our readers, who now number about 40,000, and we’re all highly interactive. But we know that there is a huge number of Basque communities around the world who use this Facebook format to come together to share knowledge and experiences.

In this talk, the administrators of these groups have an excellent guide for managing and fomenting these communities, even if what is being commented is already known.

And that’s because listening to what we already know tells us we’re right in our perceptions and that our experiences are common to all leaders in this field.

And also because knowing methods and management models, and discovering new things in others’ successful experiences, helps use to better manage our groups. It helps us make these groups work better, and thus better serve their purpose.

The Facebook Groups which bring Basques in the world together because of their shared location, interests, or origin are a magnificent tool that can gain even more importance every day to help us connect and relate.

Those who’d like to listen to the talks can do so here.

It’s a great way to increase our knowledge to manage our groups better.